Why Play DLSO?

What was the vision behind creating the DLSO? 


The DLSO was created to generate balanced competition among all age groups from U8 through
High School. 8 vs. 8 format and ‘like play’ scenarios rather than play based solely on age-specific
divisions makes the game a better experience for children, improving their skills with more ball
contact and opportunity to be actively involved in the game. Age appropriate goals and reduced
field sizes encourage improved ball handling and teamwork skills.

The DLSO offers a wide range of opportunities for both boys and girls from U8 through High School
throughout the year.

The goal of the DLSO is to provide opportunities for all players, at any skill level, with the desire to
play soccer with and against others of similar skills and desires.

We believe that:

 A primary focus of a successful soccer program should be the individual player and the
player’s family.

 A primary focus of soccer coaches, teams and Clubs should be the development of a child as a
person first and player second.

 Individual player development should be a soccer Club’s primary focus, with team success a
secondary, but important, goal.

 We believe that the DLSO offers a league supporting the players, parents, coaches and Clubs
in this endeavor.

 Players, teams and Clubs seeking affordable, balanced, small format games should have a
place to play.

 A league should be governed by simple administrative procedures, providing players, teams
and Clubs essential flexibility in the player development process.

 With adequate communication to DLSO administration, participating Clubs should have the
ability to move players up and down within their Club based on individual skill ability rather
than being based solely on age.

 Clubs should have the ability to make changes, game to game, due to illness, injury, vacation
based on appropriate and timely communication with DLSO scheduler. (A team/Club will be
charged for all referee fees or other inferred costs for any games cancelled within 48 hours of
scheduled game.)

 All participating teams must provide official US Club Soccer rosters and/or players cards for all
participating players.

 It is beneficial, less costly, more enjoyable, more family friendly and better for player
development, to compete in a year round league.

 Playing league games each weekend against opponents of similar strength will limit the
staggering sums of money that would otherwise be spent on food, lodging and travel in connection with tournament play.

 Pursuit of a high level activity should be encouraged and soccer is a healthy choice.

 Pursuit of high level athletics helps teenagers excel in school, stay fit, avoid drugs and alcohol,
and build self-esteem.

 Encouraging full, intense, involvement with soccer increases the likelihood a young person will
remain in the sport for the rest of the person’s life.

 A league dedicated to supporting Clubs that embrace these concepts of player development, is
ethical and necessary.

 DLSO By-Laws and rules are subject to change in accordance to our current knowledge and
beliefs of how to best develop players.

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What was the vision behind creating the DLSO? 


The DLSO was created to generate balanced co…

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