Opening day suspended due to air quality

The DLSO fall 2017 season will delay opening weekend of games in an effort to allow teams time to come together for practices before games.  
September 9th will NOT be opening weekend.  The league, including club directors, are in current discussion about how to create an effective fall season of play knowing the smoke forecast does not call for blue skies for quite sometime.  Club leaders are looking at very non-traditional game day options some ideas include; mid-week games (before dark, after school); Sunday games; double headers; pushing the season to the month of October and doubling games.  
One thing for certain, that we can all count on, is that Southern Oregon soccer for the fall 2017 season will be anything but traditional, and the league asks that all board members, directors, parents, players, coaches and supporters to be leaders in change for your team.  Be open to creative solutions knowing that Mother Nature is really the one running the show here.  

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