The DLSO schedule application is mobile friendly and web based.  No need to print!  Control refresh your screen as changes are being made to the schedule.

EXPECT game additions at all divisions as Saturday current venues are booked to the max.  We are building games on practice days where possible; Friday venues and looking at adding Saturday fields.  Please be patient while all league teams build from current 5(+) games to the minimum for the season of 7 games per team.  



 FOR RELEASE 9/7/2017 - Emergency League Meeting Season Dates due to AQI

Fall Season 2017
  • U8 - U14 DLSO Saturday games will begin on September 30th and run through October 28th:  
September 30
October 7
October 14
October 21
October 28
  • Teams may have 2 double-headers scheduled on Saturdays in order to provide a '7-game season'.
  • U6 DLSO Saturday games will be held on the following dates:
October 7
October 14
October 21 
October 28
  • Teams may have 1 double-header scheduled on a Saturday in order to provide a '5-game season'.  
  • Please know that special requests for game exceptions will be reviewed and honored if field and scheduling availability allows.
  • The DLSO will cancel all scheduled Saturday games based on poor air quality if necessary (PM 2.5 1-hour avg of 101 or greater).  
  • Game cancellation information will be emailed to DLSO Representatives by Wednesday at 4pm weekly prior to scheduled games.  Clubs are responsible for dispersing information regarding cancellations.  Games will not be rescheduled.  
*An exception stands for the opening game day on Sept. 30th.  If games are cancelled on this first Saturday due to air quality concerns, then all games will move to November 4th and will be held at the same time and locations as previously scheduled.   
  • Recognizing that air quality changes daily, the DLSO may call for an 'Emergency Cancellation' on Saturday mornings.  (PM 2.5 1-hour avg of 101 or greater). DLSO league representatives will, via phone, text, email be in communication and the day of games will be cancelled at that time.  It will be the responsibility of each club to effectively communicate that to their club, coaches, players, families.  
  • The DLSO will publish the season schedule within a week. The schedule and all communication will be published on a league website, which will be up an running within days.  
Please know that the DLSO is working to manage the scheduling and coordination of games for our valley's clubs with safety at the forefront of our decision making, while still trying to get kids out to play this beautiful game.  Thank you for your understanding and support while we all deal with the issues raised by our local wildfires and air quality.

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